The Abstract must be typed in English and to be submitted online (properly titled with author’s
name and title of abstract).
The Abstract Form should be filled in the following manner:
a. Title should not exceed ten (10) words.
b. Author’s name and degree(s) should all be in capital letters. An asterisk (*)
should be placed after the presenter’s name. The institution(s) should be enclosed
in parenthesis.
c. Abstract must describe the Objectives, Methods, Results (data and statistical
analysis (where appropriate) and Conclusions). It should not exceed 250 words.
d. Incomplete abstracts will be rejected.
Presenter or Author should submit a one-page summary of his/her Scientific and Academic
degrees and a recent photograph (passport size) with high resolution.
To ensure efficient processing of Abstracts, it is important that necessary requirements are
submitted all together. You should therefore, send the following:
a. Abstract in English.
b. A one-page summary of the author’s academic & scientific background.
The Scientific Content of the Abstract should be related to the following:

 EMS or Emergency Medicine
 Patient Safety Culture
 Airway Management
 Behavioral Health
 Pediatrics
 Mental Health
 Trauma
 EMS Education
The form of presentation is E-Poster
E-Poster Abstract (Electronic Poster) – are similar to traditional paper posters, but
displayed on a large LCD television screen. This is not a paper/printed poster. It will
be viewed at the E-Poster Stations throughout the Conference. Each E-Poster must be
submitted as a single page PDF document, of not more than 1MB, and in portrait
Project previously submitted to other Events or Conferences is disqualified.
Ethical Guidelines
 Authorship – Submitted cases should be of the clinician’s original work, and properly
documented. Student or Resident Authors should have submitted cases approved by
the Training Center Director and Case Supervisor/s.
 Ethical Approvals – Case Reports should be conducted in full accordance with ethical
principles, evidence based guidelines, and abide with local laws and regulations

General Rules:
1. Abstract must be submitted in English
2. Abstracts must be submitted through the Abstract Portal only. No submission by
E-mail is allowed.
3. Author Submitter must use his/her e-mail account only.
4. Only Submitting Author has the benefits of an Abstract Presenter
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 18 September 2019
Please be reminded that the submission of Abstract carries with it the obligation of the author to
present the paper in person. Request for withdrawal of paper must be made in writing by the
presenter (any request other than the presenter will not be honored). If the presenter cannot
present the paper due to exceptional circumstances, he/she must send a written explanation
including the name of his/her substitute presenter. The substitute must be one of the co-authors.
For further inquiries, please call: Patricia at 920 000742 Ext. 108